This is a demo reel of videos I have produced from 2017-

Demo Reel

BSM x Arts Everywhere

Noni was asked to produce a video for a collaboration between UNC's Black Student Movement and Arts Everywhere. She worked with Arts Everywhere's student director to create a video that embodied the spirit of the organization, focused on faculty involvement, demonstrated support for the first graduating classes, and highlighted creativity in the black student community 

This was a final project for Comm 230. Produced by myself, Sean Crane and Evan Jordan.

First Contact

She's So Cool

Noni produced, edited, and did makeup for "She's So Cool," a film written by Kevyn Robinson and co-directed by Sidney Morris and Kevyn Robinson. This was an independent production that featured an all POC cast and crew. It was the first production of its kind. It premiered at The Bridge's "Milk + Honey" and was shown again at the 2018 Carolina Film Association Showcase.